December 2019 Newsletter

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CAR, A Year In Review
Going into the home stretch of 2019 we look back on a year that has seen Complete Auto Reports make large strides.  We spent our year listening to our customers by adding exciting features and also refining our process as well. 
We also have some exciting news to report with regards to our founder’s facility and its adaptation to CAR.  When the journey first started we were averaging $360 per transaction in 2013, the last three months we have averaged $785 per transaction. 
There have been plenty of things to look back and be proud of but also gives us excitement moving forward into 2020. Click the button below to see what else we have accomplished in 2019! 
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Uber Takes Big Blow Losing It’s License to Operate in London Uber, the company that has been taking punches from every direction as of late, has been dealt a big blow from across the pond. The British Capital has decided to strip Uber of it’s ability to operate in the city due to a growing amount fake drivers that are causing the citizens and lawmakers of London a ton of problems. This problem is not one sided either, the stripping of the companies license to operate will cost 3.5 million users the ability to conveniently acquire transportation and Uber one of it’s biggest global markets, but also the city the piece of mind of offering it’s citizens an alternative means of transportation versus getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after a night of drinking. Obviously, there are countless things that have to be weighed when making a decision as big as this so it will be interesting to see how public transportation in London will adjust to this infrastructure challenging decision.   TRIVIA
What kind of car did Starsky and Hutch drive in the classic television series?
Read to the end to find out the answer. Around the Industry: Tesla’s Cybertruck Still Poses Solid Numbers After Flopped Reveal
One of the hot trends in the auto industry is the prospect of creating cars that can drive themselves. While many people wait, drooling at the prospect of this kind of leap forward in both the auto and tech fields, some people warn us that this milestone isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. 84% of security professionals and auto engineers are actually concerned that automakers aren’t keeping up with the rapidly evolving security threats which can leave people’s high tech vehicles’ WiFi and cellular connections vulnerable to hackers. 
This crisis has made many in the industry cry for a call in action to bring in more people into these automotive giants, who are trying to build these “smart cars” the fastest. They are trying bring in more people with technological backgrounds to keep them on pace with the rest of the cyber world. Though these cars are being made to make your commute easier, and help you manage your life on the go; doing these things without proper preparation and procedures can lead to millions of vehicles getting hacked, costing the auto industry millions upon millions to repave their missteps.Trivia Answer
 1975 Ford Gran Torino- The iconic ride that the detective duo ripped through the streets of Bay City in was the Gran Torino. This famous Ford model was also featured in the films Gran Torino and the original Fast and Furious.