CAR Consumer Appointment System


Complete Auto Reports (CAR) gives you the ability to setup the service facilities you already use. All you need is some basic information like: Name, Address, Email and Phone Number. Although the two most important are the name of the facility and the email address they use, those are the items that actually allows us to request an appointment on your behalf. Once you enter their information into the designated area, you simply create a "Service Request" based on your needs.

If you happen to go to a service facility that uses CAR, your appointment is automatically scheduled in their calendar system. The largest benefit there is that your service request becomes an ongoing dialog for that particular service. Creating an avenue where you are always aware of what is going on with your vehicle.

Since my designated facility already uses email, this let's them know what I need and when I'd like to come in. All without having to pick up the phone! ~Current CAR User