CAR Quick Start Guide


  1. Register & create a CAR business account here, if you're looking for the personal CAR account, please go here.
  2. Go to main dashboard page
  3. Click subscribe now in red banner on top of the page
  4. Review the three plans we offer (car free plan;car value plan;car standard plan)
  5. Select whether you want mailchimp
  6. Select whether you want the yearly subscription (receive discounted price)
  7. Click purchase to choose the plan which best fits your shop's needs
  8. Enter credit card information. The free plan asks for your credit card information just to verify you are an actual person. You will never be charged for the free plan.
  9. Click Subscribe Now
  10. Once complete, move onto #2.

Access It From Within CAR

CAR Quick Start Guide Access From CAR Dashboard

Or Continue Through The Accordion Below

2. Set Up Shop Profile

In this section we will show you how to set up your tax rates, supply charges, business logo, shop times and inventory notifications:

    • Go To Main Dashboard Page

    • Click Set It Now In Red Banner On Top Of The Page

    • Enter Tax Rate

    • Enter Supply Charges

    • Enter Business Logo

    • Enter Shop Times

    • Enter Parts Notifications

    • Click Submit To Save