The only system available that can be translated from desktop to mobile device in a seamless manner, right from the web browser. 


All you need is an internet connection and a username and password.  No complex USB keys or special procedures here.


Our process opens up your shop to your customers, which is how we enable you to build trust through our software.

CAR Business

Complete Auto Reports, CAR for short!, is the future of vehicle management!  Through our intuitive and easy to use auto repair software, we provide the tools that your shop needs to thrive in the new era of automobile ownership.

We have spent a lot of time thinking and testing, through that you will see how we turned frustrations into solutions in the day to day management of an auto repair facility.  Our software  helps you run your facility with a teamwork approach that brings results.

Through these staple features, we enable you to drive higher revenue to your auto repair facility.


With our process, your results are always consistent.  With consistent performance, all your customers see is stability.  Which gives them the confidence to refer their friends and family.


Our entire process is built with your team in mind, no matter how large or small.  When everyone is on the same page, the results always lead to higher revenue and less time lost.


This is our final catalyst.  When you account for all of the above and the fair cost of use for our platform... the only place to go next is... Higher Revenue!

New Features

Employee Management

Manage important employee information like jobs worked, and emergency contacts.

Employee Logins / Roles

Designate roles, your employees only see what you want them to see.

Workflow Management

Assign your technicians a service request and keep accurate track of time each vehicle.

Calendar Flow

Manage daily, weekly and monthly tasks with a built in calendar feature.

Organize & Streamline Your Auto Shop Operations

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Existing Software

Present CAR Features:

No other platform can offer what we do presently.  Work from your iOS or Android cell phone and transfer to any iOS or Android tablet or a desktop seamlessly.

We present you the platform in two separate mindsets; Service Facility Owner and Service Facility Manager.  We are well aware that the business owner in many instances may be the business manager... but there are always two mindsets that accompany each role.  So we are informing you of each instance in the process that relates directly to each role.


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