Accepting & Rejecting Jobs Through A CAR Service Request

Once Completing the Fill Recommendation page, you will now be brought to a screen that allows you to Accept or Reject the Jobs the Customer Wishes to have done, or Not, in this Service Request through our Shop Management Software. In this Page, you will be able to view the Jobs you have added, as well as the relevant Parts, Generic Jobs, Computer Codes, time and Labor Hours, Notes and Recommendations, and Uploaded Images and Documents that belong with this Service Request. Depending on what the Customer wishes to have done, You can Accept or Reject the Jobs Accordingly. In a multi-Job Invoice, You would have to choose to either select the Green Accept button to perform that service, or the Red Reject Button if the Customer wishes not to have that Service done. The Jobs will first Appear Red, noting you that an Action Needs to be done, and will turn Green when an Action is Done for those Jobs.

In this case, the Customer has a Quick Service Check List Oil Change Job, and a Brakes System Job in this Service Request. As a demonstration, Let us Accept the Oil Change, and Reject the Brake System. Keep in mind that if a job is rejected, it will show up in the Rejected Jobs in the Last Ticket Section, when making up a New Service Request for that Customer. In addition, the subtotal for that job will be removed from the balance since the Customer decided not to go with the service. To make things simpler, CAR has Accept All, Reject All, Buttons if the Services All want to be done, or None of them. Once Completed, Click the Green “Apply Changes” Button so your Technicians know what what services have to be done for the Vehicle. You can know View the Decisions made if either they were accepted or rejected.