Add Vendors and Resources to your CAR Business Account

Hi, and Welcome back to Complete Auto Reports! In this video we will show how Shop Owners can add and include Vendor & Resource Links to your Shop Profile through our Shop Management System. To begin, In the Vendors tab, you can include various links to Vendors that you can access right from CAR’s left menu. To add a Vendor, type in the Name, include the link of the source, click the checkbox if you’d like to add the Vendor in the left menu, and click Submit. Upon this, a success notification will appear, and you will notice the Vendor added to your left menu. The same steps apply to adding a new Resource, as shown. Simply input the Name, link, and click the checkbox if you want it shown in your left menu. Note that only up to 5 Vendor & Resource links can be added to the left menu at a time, respectfully. For more information click on the link in the description below.