Adding A Customer To CAR

By clicking “Customers” in the Left Menu, shops are able to create a profile for customers through our Shop Management System. To add a “New Customer”, the person adding the customer enters their email and CAR will send a password to there email. We also auto create emails for your customers if they do not have one or are not readily available. Then proceed to input the Customer's First Name, Middle Name (if they have one), and Last Name. There is also a checkbox for Adding a Business Name to a Customer if they have one. Then proceed to fill out the Address Street in which they reside in under the Address 1 field, Address 2 would be if they live in an Apartment or Suite, then the Country, State, City, and the Zip Code. Now input the Home, Business, and Mobile Phone Numbers that the Customer has for contact. Select customer type from the dropdown to notify you what labor price to associate with this customer. Lastly there is a Tax exempt Check Box (If applicable) so all their service requests will, by default, not include tax . There is also a Require Approval Check Box that if checked all Service Requests will require approval from the Customer before the next step of the process can be down.

Also, Note that It is recommended that information is inputted for every field, so that if problems arise with recalled or defective parts, you can always reach this customer in a timely manner. All there is left to do is to click Submit, and a Green Success Notification will pop up on the top right of your screen signifying that the customer profile has been created.