Diagnostic Code Storage

Hi, and Welcome back to Complete Auto Reports and in this video I will explain Diagnostic Code Storage in the Computer Codes Section of CAR through our Shop Management System. Now there are two ways to add new codes to your system, the first way is to click “New Computer Code” in the left menu, and input the Trouble Code and Fault Location to add the new code into your shop’s database. By clicking “View all Computer Codes” you can see all of the codes in your database. You can narrow the list of your codes, by filtering the search by Trouble Code, Fault Location, or other Key Words. In addition, while filling a recommendation to an existing service request, you are given the ability to include computer codes that your shop received while scanning the customer’s vehicle. You can add codes on the fly and include ones you already have stored. These codes will be shown on the invoice for the customer! For more information on our recommendations and methods of storing diagnostic codes per manufacturer for better accuracy, follow the link in the description below.