Fill Out A CAR Service Request Form

Hi, this is Julius from and in this segment of our video tutorials, I will be showing how shop owners can fill out a service request through our Shop Management System. Under the request creation page the shop can fill out the requested jobs for this service request, should there be more than one when the service starts. On this page, you select the vehicle that you wish to fill a request for, the title of the Job you are performing for the vehicle, a Service Schedule Date ( if this should be an appointment for the future), you can change the date and time here. Any notes about problems the customer may be experiencing that you want to save for the technician to see while he is working on the vehicle.", And a field for you to enter the present mileage of the vehicle. You will notice in grey letter that it gives you the last known mileage for the vehicle.

The individual filling out the Service Request has 19 different categories to select from as well as any jobs that may have been rejected in the last ticket. For example purposes, lets fill out a simple Oil and Filter Change Ticket. Go Under the “Quick Service Check List” and check off number 6. Non-synthetic Oil & Filter Change. Once you have saved the request you will notice that the request is now in your View All Requests que.