Fill Out A Digital Vehicle Inspection Report

Hi, this is Julius from and in this segment of our video tutorials, I will be showing how shop owners can fill out a digital vehicle inspection report through our Auto Repair Software. Once on the fill recommendation page, which can be found by going to service request in the left menu, click Service requests, followed by “View all Requests”, select the vehicle ticket that needs attention, click the “Actions” button and proceed to fill the recommendation. You are now able to fill out a digital vehicle inspection report.

This is where you fill out all the appropriate areas where the vehicle needs attention. The easiest way to go about this is by checking the all green box on the top of the screen and then checking the appropriate boxes, whether yellow or red, in which are critical to the vehicle's concerns. For example, in this case, the customer's battery condition was poor. Simply check off the red box that signifies that condition requires immediate attention. Once finished, proceed to save changes.and make sure you save and close or save and save and stay in the service request. Otherwise it may not save the report to that service request."