How to Add Employees to Your Shop Account

Hi and welcome back to Complete Auto Reports in this video I will show Shop Owners how to add and create Employee Profile for CAR’s Employee Login Update through our Auto Repair Software. To Do this start by clicking Employees in the left Menu and Click Add employee. After this you will be brought to the Add new Employee Login Screen. Start by inputting the Employees email, First Name, Middle and Last name. After this You must put your employees Address, State, City, Zip Code, Mobile Phone Number and Date of Birth. Lastly select the Employee Type whether Manager, Advisor, or Technician; Input the relative Hours/week and Hourly Wages, finally adding Weekly Wages. You can also add a photo of the Employee, documents and a photo of the Employee’s Driver’s License, for liability purposes and ease of access. Once the asterisk labeled fields are completely filled out you can click to submit and close or submit and add another employee. Once submitted you can view your newly added employee by clicking View All Employees under Employees in the left menu. For more information click on the link in the description below.