Introducing The CAR Shop Dashboard

Hi, and Welcome to Complete Auto Reports. In this video we will introduce the Shop Dashboard, to Shop Managers, Owners and Technicians alike through our Auto Repair Software. Starting with “Total Tickets”, this signifies the total tickets created in that calendar month. Next is “New Requests”, is the amount of tickets created by Customers you have yet to open and review, after this is Pending; the Pending Category denotes tickets that are in need of Service Requests filled out ( new requests are also factored into this number.) After this is Under Process, which also has Service Requests which have the Customer’s Approval on jobs placed under the Under Process Title. After this is the Completed section. The First Number is the tickets Complete and Paid while under this are tickets that are completed and not paid. The Next Three are sections showing customers feedback on Jobs, Complaints on Service and finally Inquiries for future service.