Navigate CAR's Left Menu

Hi, and Welcome back to Complete Auto Reports! In this video we will show and explain your CAR Account’s left menu through our Shop Management Software. The left menu, currently having 15 items you can direct to, are clickable tabs that help you navigate quickly across all of CAR’s features and accessibilities.

The left menu items are: Dashboard, which holds the overview of your service tickets as well as access to the easy check-in feature, My Account- where you can view and edit your account information , Customers- in which you can Add new customers, View Current ones, or import Contacts from csv files, Service Requests- where you can access and view all Requests, Computer Codes- where you can Add new codes or view existing ones, Reports & Statistics- a unique and complete view of your Sales Reports and Overdue Reports , Generic Jobs- where you can add a new generic job or view the ones you added already, Parts- is where you can add new parts, view the ones already added, or create new stock orders , Vendors- where you can add Vendor links to access; 5 of which can be viewed in the left menu , Resources- same as Vendors but with informational sites like Identifix and Car Next is Connections- is where you can connect your CAR account with Shop enhancements such as MailChimp and PartsTech, Labor Rates- where you can view edit and add new labor rates yo your shop, Disclaimers- where you can create or view the current messages of Liability for your shop, Inquires- where you can view or respond to comments sent in by customers, and finally, Service Complaints- where you can view or respond to complaints sent in by customers. Items in the left menu can always be clicked, no matter the current page you are viewing. In addition, there is toggle slider, that when red allows you to drag and drop a tab to the order you would like to view the left menu. For more videos, click below.