PartsTech Integration With CAR

Now that you have successfully connected your Account with PartsTech through our Shop Management Software; when on the Fill Recommendation part of filling out a service request, located to the right of the “Add Part” option, you will see a clickable PartsTech logo, that when clicked, a pop up window appears with the PartsTech user part buying interface. Now if the customer’s vehicle profile is filled with the correct information, PartsTech will take the vehicle’s VIN number and auto populate parts associated with the make and model for the jobs presented in the service request. Once finding the particular part or parts you need, select “Send a Quote”, CAR automatically inputs the part as part of the invoice, so you can bill the customer for that part being necessary to the repair. CAR doesn’t stop there, as alongside saving it to be a part of the Service Request; it gets stored within your parts database for later use. For more information click on the link in the description below.