Prepare Estimate In A CAR Service Request

Hi, this is Julius from and in this segment of our video tutorials, I will be showing how shop owners can add parts, generic jobs and labor hours to a service request through our Shop Management Software. Once on the fill recommendation page, which can be found by going to Service Requests in the left menu, and proceed to “View all Requests” select the vehicle that needs attention, click the “Actions” button and proceed to fill the recommendation. From here, navigate to the job within the service request that you want to fill out the invoice for.

Now you can Locate to where it states Parts, and search the part in the field by its Name, or Part Number you have in the system, and click to “Add” Part to the Service Request. Now, If you do not see the part you are searching for and it is necessary to perform the service, you can click to “ADD New”, where you are directed to a page where you can add a part in which you can Invoice the customer with. Asterisk Fields such as Part Name, Part Number, Cost, and Price are necessary to add a part while the Vendor and Manufacturer are optional fields to where an owner can keep a more organized trace of the parts that enter the shop. We also have a field to the Original Manufacturer Number (OEM) to where a Shop Owner can input a number that belongs to a specific part when invoicing the customer. In Addition, you can add a brief part description and an uploaded picture if you would like. There is a checkbox to note if the part is “Non Taxable” as well. You can then choose to “Submit and Close” or “Submit and Add Another” to save you time when adding multiple parts. Now search for the part you added and click ADD to include it in the Invoice. Then, to add a Generic Job, scroll down to the relevant job pertaining to that category or service, and proceed to add the job to the service request. If a Generic Job isn’t in your account, there is an option to “Add New” Generic Job, by simply clicking the Green “Add New Button” to the right of the Generic Jobs Field. Simply input the Job Name, Job Price, Job Cost, as well as an optional Job Description to save the Job to you CAR Account. Also, there is a checkbox for if the job is “Non Taxable” Then click the blue “Submit button to add the Generic Job. Search for the Job in the list add Add the Job to the Service Request.

Now, input the estimated labor hours, that it would take to finish the job.Since this on oil change ticket, the price will be factored to the generic job price, but for demonstration purpose, this is where you can input time spent on labor.These hours are calculated by the labor rates based around what you put for the Labor Rates for your Shop. An automatic pricing will be computed, depending on your shop's labor rates.

Lastly, you can also include a Scanned Computer Code to the Invoice by searching the code by its number, or Name. Also, there is such an option to “Add New” Computer Codes where a screen pops up to where you can input the Trouble Code and Fault Location to add to the system. The same follows, you can “Submit and Close” or “Submit and Another”. Search for the Code and Add it to the Search Request.

Now to the Notes and Recommendations field. For Shop Owners the Recommendations section is where you can keep text devoted to the Status of the Vehicle’s repair. Here is where you can type what you have done to the Vehicle during the service as well as what you would like to do with the owner's consent. While the Notes field is where you can keep detailed text explaining the various wear and tear to specific parts of the Vehicle that the customer has not expressed to be fixed on their car or wishes not to be fixed; Going forward into CAR the Notes Field will only be seen by the shop as an internal source of information on that specific vehicle. But for now check the box Labeled “Print on Invoice” so the Notes and Recommendations can appear on the final invoice presented to the customer, further decreasing your shop’s liability. You can also include Notes and Recommendations to the Service Request and also Print them onto the Invoice for the customer to see. First, in the Recommendations Field you can put text to notify your Technicians with. For instance, the customer has asked explicitly for your shop to “Change the engine oil and Filter.” You can now check the “Print on Invoice” checkbox so that the text appears on the completed Invoice for your Customer to view. Inputting text in the Notes and Recommendation fields, protects Shop Owners for liability reasons, ensuring to all customers that they are receiving the Service they asked for.

In addition, you can upload a vehicle Image and or videos related to the service to protect you for liability reasons. You can now Save the Recommendation, so that if some time in the future, you would have to edit the ticket, your progress would be saved, and you will not have to fill it out all over again. A pop up will notify you to either Save and Stay or Save and Close the ticket. Also, it is necessary that you click “Send Updated Information to Customer” where the customer now gets emailed the updated ticket for them to view and respond back to the Shop, once you have fully finished the Service Request. You are now directed to “Accept/ Deny” Jobs Page.