Simple Parts Management

Hi, and Welcome back to Complete Auto Reports and in this video I will explain CAR’s “Parts” Section through our Auto Repair Software. There are two ways to add a part for starters, you can add a part through the left menu by selecting “New Part” and filling in the necessary information or you could add a part through a Service Request. Doing Both will land the part here in the Parts list which can be accessed by clicking “View All Parts” in the left menu. From here you can search for specific parts by applying Filters like Part Name, Number, or OEM Number.

You can also sort the list by Price, name and you can order the list in Descending or Ascending Order. You can click the red actions button on any part to edit or delete the part from your database. You can also set up Stock Orders through the left menu. For a more detailed understanding of the Stock Ordering Process watch our Stock Ordering Video. CAR’s PartsTech Integration in our Service Requests also allows parts bought through PartsTech to be automatically added to your Parts listing. For example, in this Request we will add an Alternator to the list of parts used in this Request. After preceding through the checkout, and submitting the quote observe how the part is added to the Service Request in Orange Lettering. Now for demonstration purposes Save and Close the Request, the part should appear within your list . For more information click on the link in the description below.