The Purpose Of Adding Notes & Recommendations To A CAR Service Request

Hi, this is Julius from and in this segment of our video tutorials, I will be showing how shop owners can add recommendations and Notes to a Service Request through our Auto Repair Software. On the fill recommendation page, which can be found by going to Service Requests in the left menu, and proceed to “View all Requests” select the vehicle that needs attention, click the “Actions” button and proceed to fill the recommendation. You are given the option to write in any recommendations or notes that you'd like the customer to be notified with once the receive an updated invoice. It is strongly recommended to write notes and recommendations on your invoices because it protects Shop Owners for liability reasons.

You can also check the boxes that give the option to print the recommendations or notes on the Invoice Itself to show the Customer ensuring all services were met up the the correct standards.,for further liability reasons You can fill out recommendations or notes at any point in time while you are building the invoice for the customer. Also, do not forget to Send Updated Information to Customer when filling out any Service Request Recommendation.