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With CAR, never skip a beat with your customers.  Always be ahead of the curve through the trust and relationship building the interface does by design.

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Part of what CAR was designed for is to build better overall relationships between auto service facilities and consumers. CAR Business offers a solution for the auto repair facility; CAR Consumer offers a state of the art portal that encourages engagement. As a CAR Business subscriber your customers , can request appointments with your service facility right from our portal.  You can then alter the scheduled date as necessary and provide your customer with a seamless transition from request to actual service.  Our proprietary process uses a custom application that brings dealer level service to your door and allows you to 'WOW' your customer with it. 


In addition, CAR Business is designed to give you the most amount of control within your auto repair facility through our unique software.  We enable you to track time and progress on a vehicle in an unprecedented manner.  We understand that a vehicle is an extension of the individual who owns it, CAR allows you to capitalize on that individuality.  We do that by bringing structured order to any process that keeps customers informed as well as accountable.


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Get CAR on Google Play!
The groundbreaking CAR App is now available in the Google Play Store!

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Get CAR in the Apple App Store!
The groundbreaking CAR App is now available in the Apple App Store!

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