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What does Paperless Service History mean?


CAR enables you to digitize each and every aspect of the process involved in vehicle repair.  Our service requests enable you to take down notes from the customer before the service is even started.  Once the service has been started you and your technicians will be able to leave notes and recommendations within the service request.  Through that same service request, you can also upload all of the photos and videos before, during, and after the service is completed.  No other platform available allows your auto service facility to have this immediate level of interaction with your customer without picking up the phone. 

   Live Paperless With CAR


By creating a digital record of each service request you will bring this level of consistency to your business:


  • Pull up customer history and see what they were in for without opening any previous service requests.
  • Review customer history prior to periodical maintenance.  This type of insight allows you to order parts, that you may anticipate needing, before the customer arrives. Our test facility has reduced Digital Vehicle Inspection time by 20% on fleet customers!
  • Allow your technicians to access this history to establish a baseline for a stubborn problem.
  • Track all payments for each service request.
  • Set reminders for payments with fleet accounts.  Never forget to collect, CAR reminds that particular customer with either an email or app notification the day payment is due.
  • Never worry about a lost paper invoices again!


REMINDER: CAR works on ANY iOS, Android, Windows, Chromebook or Linux device with a web browser.

Everyone in your auto repair facility will be able to flow through the paperless system, looking up or resolve problems. 

Saving you and your technicians crucial time each and every day.


CAR Android App

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Get CAR on Google Play!
The groundbreaking CAR App is now available in the Google Play Store!

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Get CAR in the Apple App Store!
The groundbreaking CAR App is now available in the Apple App Store!

Learn more about how to use CAR!

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