Simple Vehicle Management

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Add Your Vehicle To CAR
Add A Default Service Facility
Save Your Invoice From Any Service Facility
Create An Appointment At Non CAR Facility
Quick Information To Preferred Service Providers
Request Appointments

Request Appointments

Save your "go to" service facility in your profile and schedule appointments with CAR at that facility! Even if they don't use CAR, it goes right to their email.  There they can decide how to proceed.
Access Preferred Providers

Access Preferred Providers

Save all of your critical service provider information in case it's ever needed.  Save and access insurance company, warranty, towing and auto repair providers with one click! 
Save Your Records

Save Your Records

Didn't I just do brakes my last time here.... checks receipt... was actually two years ago!  Having accurate records handy allows us all to make better decisions.

CAR Consumer

You can use CAR to track recent services done to your vehicle from any service facility you use. No really, you can! Here's another secret, it's EASY!

Second, if you use an auto repair facility that uses CAR as their auto repair software, you don't have to do anything! You just drop your vehicle off and use our web portal to manage your service request while your vehicle is entrusted to the auto repair facility.

There are a lot of features that overlap, so we are going to explain them to you the bast we can here. To try and avoid major confusion, we have split the roles into CAR Consumer and CAR Customer. A CAR Consumer will use the free app we provide to track all of their vehicle repair and maintenance without a CAR enable auto repair facility. A CAR Customer can use the free app and website dashboard just as a CAR Consumer, but if they use a CAR participating auto repair facility, the CAR facility will do most of the work for them.

How To Get Started?

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Don't have a device on hand? Don't worry, we have a web app as well Create A Consumer Account.