CAR Consumer Account Features

What are the Account Features provided by CAR?

Each user account within Complete Auto Reports (CAR) has dedicated spots for the information you will likely need regarding your vehicle. We’ve all experienced that time when your vehicle breaks down or you have a small fender bender and the last thing you can do is think. We’ve designed CAR to help reduce some of that anxiety by allowing you a central location to keep all pertinent information.

Automobile Owner Benefits:

  • Exclusive App Coming Soon For iOS & Android!
  • Upload receipts from any service facility or auto parts store to a service record - Exclusive feature not available ANYWHERE!
  • Track service progress through a participating facility
  • Quickly manage and review prior vehicle history
  • Request an appointment for service at any service facility (Note: Facility email address is required)
  • Schedule an appointment for service at participating service facilities
  • Transfer service history of vehicle to a new individual - Exclusive feature not available ANYWHERE!
  • Create a service history for anything, not just an automobile (e.g. motorcycle, machinery, heavy equipment) - Exclusive feature not available ANYWHERE!
  • Your service records are NOT sold to ANYONE!
  • Create a build record for your weekend project!
  • Full Dashboard View
  • Manage Vehicles you own!
  • Account Creation and Edit.
  • Facility Service Requests
  • DIY Service Requests
  • Complaints
  • Savable Service Facility Listing
  • Inquires Section
  • Display Receipts
  • Receive Emails from your favorite Shops of Choice! 

In the future... 

CAR has some plans to make this process even better for the consumer, sign up for our newsletter to get updates on how we are advancing our platform for your benefit!

My Account

Each account section has designated tab that allow you to keep your basic contact information. Along with that you also tabs that allow quick and easy access to any or all of the following:

  • Preferred Service Center – Your trusted service facility
  • Roadside Assistance – Any Roadside Assistance provider you may have, such as AAA.
  • Insurance Company – Quick access to your agent’s information without searching through your phone.
  • Warranty Company – Quick access to any relevant information from a third party warranty you may have that pertains to your vehicle.

Vehicle Profile

Each vehicle profile allows you keep the most important information regarding the actual vehicle. This set of data is comprised of all the data that personally identifies your vehicle and helps you do everything from file a report to order parts.

  • Basic Information – Year, Make Model, VIN, Mileage, Color
  • Important Variables – Production Date, License Plate
  • Legal Information – Photo of State Registration, Photo of Insurance Card
  • General – Photos and/or videos of the vehicle.

Service Facility Profile

You can set up as many service facilities as you actually use. The system is designed to send that facility an email every time you want to make an appointment for service. Please note, you MUST fill in the email of the service facility in order for our system to generate an email on your behalf to that facility.

  • Basic Facility Information – Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone Number, Website, Email

Service Request System

You can create a service request for shop registered in the “Service Facility” section of your profile. When a request is created for a facility, that facility receives an email indicating you would like your vehicle serviced along with some notes about the actual service you may need.

If you are using a facility that uses the business version of this platform, the email is not sent and instead you are placed into their que system. Which means you are added to their schedule, if the shop needs to make any changes to the request, you are notified immediately.

The final feature here is DIY. If you are the type of individual who likes to do it yourself, you can use the ticket system to track everything you are doing. It allows you to add photos and documents that are relevant to the service you are performing. So you can put all your parts receipts and photos of the service in one location.

  • Basic Information – Title Section, Notes Section, Current Mileage, Extensive Checklist of Automobile Systems/Repairs
  • Enhanced Information – Document Upload Section, Photo Upload Section
  • CAR Business 2 CAR Consumer Information – Photos/Videos Relevant to Repair, Digital Invoice, Digital Inspection Sheet

Using CAR's auto repair software is a natural transition to the digital age.

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Get CAR on Google Play!
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