CAR C Dashboard


This a customer's full view HUB where they can perform any quick action pertaining to their account. It is broken up into three action tabs: Quick Actions, Service Requests, Quick Information. A customer can also view their added vehicles in the system as a “My Vehicles” portion is on screen so that a customer can take a quick look at their vehicles integrated in the system. In addition, on the top right part of the screen, you are a greeted with a Welcome and Your First name. If Clicked, you can: quickly navigate to the dashboard, Edit your User Profile, Change your Password if you wish to change, Subscribe to any of our four plans, or Logout of Car. (Note: No matter the screen you are currently viewing, this will remain on the top right hand part of your screen). Also clicking our CAR (Complete Auto Reports) logo, on the top left portion of your screen, will always navigate you back to the dashboard, no matter the screen you were currently viewing on CAR. You can also choose to remove or bring back up the different navigation tabs on the left side of your screen just by clicking the three horizontal lines just to the left where it says “Dashboard”.

Quick Actions:

A Customer, right from here can Add a new car, View their all their cars, Input for a New Service Request, and View all of their Requests under one uniform List. Just by clicking these quick actions can bring up the screen in which they'd like to provide CAR with, for a quick/ time saving customer interface.

Service Requests:

Here, is where a customer can quickly view, with a one click: Drafted Requests, Active Requests, Current Inspection Reports, and Completed Reports.

Quick Information:

Once a customer creates a profile on CAR, this on screen menu shows your data with a sliding screen motion of your Preferred Service Center, Roadside Assistance, Insurance Company Information, and Warranty Company Information.

All this information can be edited with just by clicking the Title you wish to be edited, and saving once your information is updated. Below you can watch a Video explaining these very steps to you.

Understanding the CAR Consumer Dashboard:


Using CAR's auto repair software is a natural transition to the digital age.

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