Add Your Vehicle In CAR App With VIN Scanning


Now, it is time to add your vehicle to your account through our Vehicle Management System. One of the benefits of being on a mobile device, is its ability to access the camera, and use our VIN scanning feature to make this process a whole lot simpler. Just Scan your vehicle’s VIN Barcode located on the driver side door jam, and CAR automatically auto fills your vehicle’s information including the Make, Model, Year, VIN Number, Engine Size, and the Production Date will fill to January of your Vehicle’s Year. You can put it to the actual date when the scan completes. Then, manually input the current mileage, License Plate, State of Registration, and Color. Although you can add a vehicle from this stage, it is recommended you input your Registration and Insurance Expiration Dates so that CAR can remind you a month before they expire, as well as add pictures and videos pertaining to your vehicle. Upon clicking Submit, you can now view your vehicle on the “My Cars” tab on the main dashboard. For more information, click on the link in the description below.