Adding A Vehicle To Your CAR Consumer Profile


Hi, this is Julius from, and in this segment of our video tutorials, I will be showing how CAR Customers can add a new vehicle to their Profile through our Vehicle Management System. We are now going to add a new car to our profile. We can do this by using either the add new car under the quick actions tab on the Dashboard. You will now be brought to the car creation page. Now to fill out the required fields. First the Make, Year the car was produced, Model, the Engine Size, VIN Number, Production Date should be there already since putting in the Year, Mileage, License Plate Number, State in which it was purchased or registered to, Color of the Vehicle, and that's it for the current required fields. Now all other fields present are not required, they are strongly recommended to be filled out especially if the vehicle is part of a fleet. From here, we add a Registration Photo, Vehicle Insurance Card Photo, Vehicle’s Registration Expiration Date, as well as the Insurance Expiration Date, Vehicle Photo, a Video of the Vehicle, as well as a Vehicle VIN Photo. Then click, Submit.