Consumer Information Page


Adding a Service Facility

To add a service facility you wish to work with, click "My Service Facilities" and then, "New Facility" from the left-hand menu. Enter the shop’s information to the best of your ability. What is most important is the shop’s email, so that your addition will be linked to their CAR account. Clicking the Set as Default Service Facility box will make this shop automatically be chosen for any new service requests, although you can still choose other shops to work with. Once completed, click Save & Close, and you will see the new service facility in your Service Facilities List. You can return to that list by clicking "My Service Facilities" then, "View Service Facilities".

Roadside Assistance Tab

This is where a customer can save their emergency roadside assistance information for later use, if the customer as well as the shop can view for future reference. Basic Info: Business Name, Contact Name Phone Number, and any Notes you wish to put down.

Insurance Company Tab

This tab is especially important from a shops perspective, as they will always need to know a customer's insurance information if they were to perform a service to a vehicle. So it is important to input all information to all fields on this tab. Business Name, Contact Name, Local Office Phone Number, Emergency Office Phone Number, and any Notes regarding the Insurance Company.

Warranty Company Tab

This Tab is optional, but if a customer wishes to save their Warranty Information. This tab is where they would do so. Business Name, Contact Name, Phone Number, Policy Number, Expiration Date, and if there are any Notes you as the customer would like the Shop to know about your Warranty.

Note for all: If a customer wishes to edit any information that they found an error with, they can at any time, go to their account, click “Edit”, correct any error and save the updated information.

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