Making a CAR Consumer Service Request


Hi, this is Julius from and in this segment of our video tutorials, I will be showing how Customers can fill out a service request for their Service Facility through our Vehicle Management System.

Under the Request Creation page, you the Customer, can fill out the requested jobs for this service request, should there be more than one when the service starts. On this page, you select the vehicle that you wish to fill a request for, the title of the Job you are requesting for the vehicle, a Service Schedule Date( if this should be an appointment for the future), you can change the date and time here. Any notes about problems you may be experiencing that you want the technician to know while they are working on the vehicle., And a field for you to enter the present mileage of the vehicle. You will notice in grey lettering that it gives you the last known mileage for the vehicle. You are also given the option to insert a Vehicle Document or Image to show the Service Facility.

After filling out the above fields, you will see the rejected jobs drop down menu. Upon clicking it, you will see all of your jobs previously rejected. However, since this is your first time using CAR, and creating a Service Request, you will not see anything. Lower are 19 categories of service installed in the system. Each category has a multitude of jobs done commonly in service facilities.However, since we are doing a simple oil Change, we need to click the Quick Service Check List. Here are 17 options most frequently done to vehicles in service shops. Now depending on your car's oils take, you can either select the 6th option or the 11th option. In this case, we must select the 11th option, for our car takes Synthetic Oil. After this, scroll down and make sure you have your preferred service center checked off, to ensure that this ticket goes to this service facility. Then click Submit, and press okay. The shop will not get notified with an email with your Request of Service.