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Think your mechanic is treating you unfairly or taking advantage of you?

Often left in the dark during your repair service needs, there is a lot of mistrust that plagues the automotive process from beginning to end. We will help you get a comparative quote for the service(s) you are being told your vehicle needs for it to return to optimal driving condition. Making you feel confident and comfortable with the decisions you are going to make.


We are your local auto repair professionals.

As professionals, we know how much you should and shouldn't be paying for a specific service.This is why we are offering a fair evaluation of any of your vehicle's needs before you bring it into the shop:

40+ Years Of Automotive Experience

You get the piece of mind that our team has the experience to give you accurate and detailed information based on our years of extensive industry experience.

Digital Vehicle Management

Through our ground breaking app, Digital Glovebox, you get our estimate in writing and sent to your profile.  Always available with you for reference.

Unbiased Information

Having a vehicle break down is stressful enough.  We promise that our service to you will provide an unbiased approach that withstands the toughest standards.

Our Packages

Guaranteed accurate parts and retail prices. This will give you the opportunity to know what to expect before you even pull into a shop by giving you a verified parts match quote. Spending as much as you would on a movie theater ticket can save you in the long run.
Guaranteed accurate parts and retail prices. Make sure you know how much to expect to pay before you end up paying a few hundred more than you have to! Before spending thousands, have us evaluate your estimate. Guaranteed to save you the 5% in cost or save you from a putting money into vehicle that may not pay you back.
Let us do the heavy lifting for you. We will find you a reputable shop, schedule your service, pick up your vehicle for you, and even get you a loaner vehice/schedule your Uber rides. $99.95 to have this stressful situation taken off your hands and placed into ours. All you have to worry about is when to pick up your vehicle and the cost of repairs. *Cost of Transportation (pickup/dropoff/loaner) not Included in Initial price*

Are You Being Ripped Off?

Get a quick estimate to compare your price and determine if you're getting a fair deal.

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