April 2019 Newsletter

Challenges of the Auto Repair Business


The race to capture and retain customers is getting as heated as they come, especially in the automotive aftermarket.  Between nationwide franchises, rapidly evolving vehicle technology and the newly required tools and procedures; it is becoming much more challenging to compete in the auto repair business. For an industry that has been traditionally very slow to adapt to technology, there has been a consistent and rapid amount of change that is putting a ton of pressure on shop owners. Our software was born out the technology needs identified several years ago, since then we have been building a platform to help level the playing field between large and small businesses. However there are small things that you can do with your business, both in the shop and in the office, that can help you stay competitive in this new turn of the auto repair industry. 


Taking into account the difficulty to keep up with what can keep your shop competitive in this new digital age, we at Complete Auto Reports felt the importance to write unbiased articles to make sure that you and your business are maximizing your opportunities. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing some important information to make your business standout in this new generation of competition in business so make sure that you keep an eye out!

Recent Updates

We are constantly striving to improve our product to give our users exactly what they need to keep their businesses moving at the pace they want them to be moving. Over the past few weeks we have finalized two new features to present to our consumers, Plate to Vehicle Information & Diagnostic Charges Option. Since these two features have been added we have been able to make our system even smoother and save our users even more time! 

Plate to Vehicle Information- Quickly and seamlessly get all of the vehicle information simply by entering their license plate into the vehicle profile, whether from your computer or mobile device. This allows you to pull down all of the vehicle information you are working on without skipping a beat. Expediting this process allows mechanics to review the information, verify it, and correct it if necessary.  Bad data costs US businesses $3.1 trillion a year.  While it may be hard to realize in the moment, a system designed to keep everyone informed and up to date, shaves minutes per service.  All of which will add to days saved per year.

 Diagnostic Charges Option- Has anyone ever brought in their vehicle for an oil change and ask you to take a look at something else for them? After testing and identifying their concern/problem, you likely quote the customer and add it to the job request. What do you do when they decline the work?  You should charge the customer for the time you spent looking into the problem, at their request. With CAR's diagnostic charges option, you are reminded to add diagnostic charges for rejected services. Seamlessly bill your customers for the testing that was requested, without having to go back in and edit a service request.

The Water Cooler

Red Sox Top First Power Rankings as MLB is Back in Full Swing



This past week marked the return of America's past time, baseball. As the long journey to October begins it is always fun to start speculating who is going to win the World Series while the flowers are still blooming. Let's take a look at who the five favorites are going into the season as we get things going. 


1. Red Sox: The reigning World Series Champions still have a power house roster and are primed to make another deep run in the playoffs. 


2. Yankees: The young stars on the Yankees have continued to get experience over the past couple of seasons and this season they have the right blend of veterans and young play makers to build on their great season last year. You will definitely find me at Yankee Stadium frequently this summer cheering on the Bronx Bombers. 


3. Houston Astros: A perennial powerhouse ever since their World Series run in the 2017 season, the Astro's combination of big bats and a solid bullpen forces you to respect their chances at making another run at the big prize.


4. LA Dodgers: A team that seems to always be deep in the post season over the past decade didn't make much noise over the winter, something you would think they would do after coming just short two seasons in a row. Nonetheless don't count out the Dodger's this year, they still have plenty of depth to make it back to the Fall Classic yet again.


5. Chicago Cubs: Another team that was extremely quiet in the off-season. They still have a ton of players on their roster from their team that broke the century long drought of winning a title but hopefully that is enough especially with their division rivals the Brewers picking up steam. 


What was the first hybrid vehicle ever to be mass produced?

 Read to the end to find out the answer. 

Around the Industry: Volvo to use Cameras in Vehicles Protect Drivers. Is This Over Stepping Boundaries?


On March 20th Volvo announced that they will begin to install cameras in all of the vehicles they sell to ensure the safety of not only their customers but the people they share the road with as well. By early 2020 Volvo will be able to monitor their drivers eye movement to see if they are distracted or acting intoxicated. If it appears the driver is distracted or acting suspicious a Volvo representative will call into the vehicle to make sure the driver is okay, if they fail to respond the representative has the ability to slow the vehicle all the way down and park the vehicle safely to ensure that the distracted or drunk driver is not putting their or their fellow commuter's lives at risk. Though Volvo prides itself on making the safest vehicle possible for it's customers this feature is not getting praise from everybody.  


While this is new installation in their vehicles is not meant to be their just to spy on you but rather part of Volvo's Vision 2020 initiative which aims to have zero accident fatalities in any of their vehicles many feel this is a violation of a driver's privacy. Just like someone else cannot set up a camera to monitor you in your bedroom, or bathroom people find that this is overstepping some boundaries in regards to the vehicle users privacy. People are already concerned about their phones spying on them now this is leading to even more alarm over the idea of big companies watching their customers. As I mentioned earlier this is made with the intention make creating a safer road environment for everyone, not just Volvo customers but does raise questions about customer privacy. Do you think this is a great idea or a violation of people's privacy?

Trivia Answer

Toyota Prius- In 1997 in Japan the Toyota Prius became the first hybrid car to be mass produced in the world, followed shortly after by the Honda Insight in 1999.