Data, Blockchains, & The Future Of The Automotive Industry

Most automobiles made today have the ability to store insane amounts of information about you and your driving habits. Thought it was just your smart phone, think again.

A vehicle’s engine computer has the ability to store vast amounts data about your driving habits. Remember those Prius’s with the gas pedals that kept getting stuck? How do you think they were able to verify if you had the problem? There has been a swarm of controversy about who owns this data, as the only people who have access to it presently are the vehicle manufacturers and they aren’t inclined to part with it, because the law doesn’t say they have to.

So in 2009 they were able to broadly recreate a “stuck accelerator pedal” scene, today they are putting clauses in your lease that they will track you as you use the vehicle. How do you feel about the manufacturer of your car having access to “determine where you shop, the weather on your street, how often you wears his seat belt, what you were doing moments before a wreck — even where you like to eat and how much you weighs.” ? A little creepy considering smart phones already know way too much about us.

Where does blockchain fit into this? Well, blockchain is another concept that’s foreign to most of society but will inevitably make its way to your door sooner rather than later. To oversimplify blockchains explanation for this article, blockchain is as the name suggests. A chain (connection) of blocks (data) will have a set of security keys that enable it to be accessed. Blockchain will play a role in the security of how your data gets distributed in the future. Well, after the elected officials finally start doing their jobs by protecting the very people who elect them. So as law unlocks the data from OEM Manufacturers, blockchain will be the technology that allows you to grant access to your technician or auto repair facility. The industry is wrestling with who owns your data... you or the vehicle manufacturer.

At CAR, we are very excited to see how the data can be accessed and synced to your already robust vehicle profile. We are confident that our approach to your vehicle data will prove to be integral in the future of vehicle management. We are preparing our auto repair software platform for the blockchain wave and we welcome the Auto Care Association's push to standardize the use of personal driving data of millions of Americans. In short, we’re excited about the future of vehicle management and want to be the auto repair software that leads the way with you as the focus, whether you’re the consumer looking for trusted businesses or businesses looking for secure ways to operate.