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Define: Pandemic – Time To Stop Standing Still, While Social Distancing

We are all facing an unprecedented time in history and in our own lives. Mostly confined to our homes or our jobs, everyone is adjusting to a new normal that doesn’t have an end date in sight. 10 days ago I made a post asking what’s on your Pandemic To Do list?? In that post I was literally tackling one of the items on my To Do list, that’s been there for months… Replacing incredibly noisy fans on our desktop computer for the office.
Now is the time to take a hard look at your business and processes and make them work for you. You can learn more about how to evaluate your business against today’s business norms, here .
So today I want to talk about what you can do, to make and tackle your own “To Do” list, preparing yourself for the way out of the situation you are presently in. For starters, I’m going to label out the “Tool” I am using and the FREE “Tool” you can use if you don’t have my tool in your arsenal already.The only and most important tool you will need to get started is…. A NOTEBOOK.
We use Microsoft’s One Note as a subscription to Office 365, if you have Office, I highly recommend you use it. If you don’t have it as a part of a subscription, they offer a free version but I’m not sure how seamless it is. You can learn more here.
The other option is to use a free Gmail address and use their “Docs” platform. We talk about how to take full advantage of a Gmail account to streamline your business in this article.So our first step was to make our list, shown on your right.
We presently have 12 items on our list, among some others that haven’t made the list till we can tackle our biggest hurdle… Inventory Control.
I want to focus on the tasks I’ve been able to complete or mostly complete as of now, and the time they took to resolve:#7 Change the fans on office desktop. Total time ~4hours
Benefit: That awful noise is gone, saved at least $300 from hiring someone to fix it or sending it out to get fixed. Need to order bottom cover pads to complete it to satisfaction.
Total cost: Parts $110This should have been 15 minutes, but the hard drive we ordered…. Was DOA. Some troubleshooting helped us determine the hard drive was bad. Ordered a replacement for the replacement and installed again a few days later.
Benefit: Can store more days of recording. Money saved, at least $100
Total cost: Parts $250 for 8TB Surveillance Hard Drive 
#11 Upgrade the hard drive on our Lorex camera system. Total time ~2 hours.#10 OEM Software Laptop setup. Total time, nearly 30 hours.
Now, this isn’t really a task many of us can Google away. I have almost 2 decades of experience in hardware, software setup and deployment. It took me 30 hours to get this done, but this wasn’t a task for the weak and it was chosen as my first. Why?
Benefit: My technicians can now take out ONE laptop and fire it up to access any software related tool they might need. So we have AUDI ODIS, BMW, Chrysler, GM, FORD, Honda & Toyota legal software subscriptions installed on one machine. With Teamviewer, so I can help them from anywhere in the world. Every machine uses the exact same login, each build has all the same tools you might need to work… in short, it’s designed to reduce downtime and the headaches that come with servicing multi vehicle brands.The beauty of it, if it goes down… I have made a duplicate machine as a complete backup that sits on the shelf waiting for the day it’s needed.
Total cost: TIME, Had all of the hardware and a strong tech foundation to capitalize on.
These are just examples of the amount of time you have now. I did the above in 10 DAYS since starting the list. We wrote an article about how to evaluate your business, and now is the perfect time to do.