February 2019 Newsletter

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Did you know that Complete Auto Reports is the only auto repair software that can be used on any PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and/or Android device. With our mobile app you are not only able to instantly switch what you are doing from your computer to your mobile device but you also then have the ability to keep in constant contact with your customers, removing liability from you and your business.


Mobility is the future of the automotive industry and offers the opportunity for shop owners to add extra levels of depth to their businesses. Download our free app today on the Apple Store or Google Play Store. To learn more about the benefits of making your shop mobile click link below.

What's New in CAR
Complete Auto Reports is constantly evolving and improving our product. A few new features we have added are our "stock ordering", "Tag system", and "on the lot" all of which are designed to help make running your shop a little smoother and a more efficient experience.
Stock Ordering
The stock ordering feature allows you to view what you have in the shop already and allows you to order more of what you are running low on,  right from your CAR account. Not only can you order these items manually but you can also set your CAR account to automatically order these stock orders on a specific date so you never run out!
Inventory Tagging
With our new tags feature we make staying organized extremely simple and efficient. As parts come in you can tag them and make note of where they are in your shop so you can not only locate them, but locate them quickly. You can get jobs done faster than ever before and open yourself up to the ability to accomplish more tasks throughout the day. 
On The Lot
Our last new feature is our "on the lot" feature which gives you the peace of mind of being able to quickly identify the vehicles you have on your lot. Whether that vehicles work has not been started, being currently worked on, or is waiting for customer pick up. This feature offers your shop an extra layer of assurance so that you know which vehicles are physically on your lot.  
The Water Cooler

Nick Foles Goes to go Into Free Agency This Summer

After a historical run with the Philadelphia Eagles last post-season and almost repeating history again this season, before falling just short to the New Orleans Saints, Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles have decided to officially part ways. The Eagles organization has decided to go with their young star Carson Wentz moving forward. They are saying goodbye to the long time NFL journeymen Nick Foles, the man who brought the city of Philadelphia their first Super Bowl. 


Many teams this off-season will be looking to make room on their roster this summer for the ex-Superbowl MVP. A few potential landing spots for Foles are the Jacksonville Jaguars (whose success has been stunted because of the inconsistency of Blake Bortles), Miami Dolphins (who can't seem to keep Ryan Tannehill healthy), and the Denver Broncos (who were wildly underwhelmed by Case Keenum's performace this past season). Foles joins an extremely talented group of free agents this off-season, one that is primed to change the landscape of the NFL in the fall. 



When was the first year in which Dodge released the first Ram truck?

 Read to the end to find out the answer. 

Around the Industry: Cyber-security Firms Concerned Self Driving Cars Can Easily be Hacked


One of the hot trends in the auto industry is the prospect of creating cars that can drive themselves. While many people wait, drooling at the prospect of this kind of leap forward in both the auto and tech fields, some people warn us that this milestone isn't all sunshine and rainbows. 84% of security professionals and auto engineers are actually concerned that automakers aren't keeping up with the rapidly evolving security threats which can leave people's high tech vehicles' WiFi and cellular connections vulnerable to hackers. 


This crisis has made many in the industry cry for a call in action to bring in more people into these automotive giants, who are trying to build these "smart cars" the fastest. They are trying bring in more people with technological backgrounds to keep them on pace with the rest of the cyber world. Though these cars are being made to make your commute easier, and help you manage your life on the go; doing these things without proper preparation and procedures can lead to millions of vehicles getting hacked, costing the auto industry millions upon millions to repave their missteps.

Trivia Answer

1981- While Dodge has been making trucks since 1917 the first truck named the Ram was introduced to consumers in the year 1981