Improve Reputation

Let's be honest, a great reputation is the most important thing that any business owner wants to have, period. No matter what type of business you run you want your customers to say good things about you so that it can potentially lead to new customers. New customers means more business. More business means more success. Whether it’s customer service, prices, or something as simple as decor. If you stand out from all the other businesses in your field, your customers will talk about you. So give them something good to talk about. Did you know that word of mouth influences 59-91% of all purchases, yet NOBODY has a specific strategy for it.. Word of mouth has been and will always be the most effective marketing any good business owner can ask for.


A solid reputation is especially important in the auto repair field, where customers have little trust because of lack of transparency. Here are some simple yet effective ways to build and improve your business’ reputation:

How to Improve Reputation

Go Above and Beyond
 Try to always go a little above and beyond with what’s expected or requested by the customer - If someone asks for a reference, try to offer them two or three. If you tell someone you’ll follow up in about 24 hours, try to do it in about 12. Show customers that you care about them, no matter how big the job is. A small gesture that shows you care can go a long way, and do wonders for word of mouth and your reputation.

CAR’s software offers a completely transparent wall between you and the customer so they are able to have a birds eye view of the service that you are performing on their vehicle. This level of transparency is not limited to their home computer but also available to them on the go no matter where they are thanks to the CAR mobile app. Seeing is believing, so you can upload photos or videos to any request ticket and have your customer see exactly what is wrong with their vehicle within minutes. By letting your customers virtually sit in on their vehicle service, it not only builds trust between you and the client but also helps improve your shop’s reputation as well.

Using CAR's auto repair software is a natural transition to the digital age.

Our auto repair software is so easy to use, we explain CAR through tutorial videos that are almost all 2 minutes or less each. 

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