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July 2019 Newsletter

Challenges of the Auto Repair Business: Choosing the Right Software
It’s funny that the article we thought would be the easiest to write, has been the one that is proving to be the most difficult. I mean, we make some pretty awesome auto repair software… so, what else do you need? Well, after some serious thought, we realized that we use A LOT of software at our auto repair facilities each day. Let’s take a look at some of the most important features that should be offered and how to make the best decision for you, your business, the team at your service facility, and your customers.
To start, think about all the software that you use right now and how much it might be costing you.
Desktop Operating Software:
Sadly, most outdated vehicle repair software requires Windows in order to work. While there are strides being made in advancing access from Windows programs to Web applications, many repair facilities NEED Windows because of the vehicle repair software they are accustomed to. The majority of shops relying on that outdated infrastructure are running Windows PC’s. We’ve seen some shops still running unsupported versions of Windows, like Windows XP, but we’ll discuss that later article.
Within each desktop, regardless of their actual setup, each shop needs the following to function at minimum: web browser (Firefox & Chrome – free), calculator (included), basic word processing (Microsoft Office – not free for anyone or Google Docs – not free for businesses, but there are free options available).
 It is important to make sure that you are not only being smart with the software you choose, but with the money you are spending on it as well. Click below to read the rest of the article on our website.

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New Electric Vehicles Will Be Forced to Have Artificial NoiseWhen people discuss electric vehicles, rarely do you hear anything negative come out of that conversation. However, while it is incredible that we have been able to cut emissions from our vehicles, the struggle we are facing next is the potential danger of their lack of noise. According to the charity Guide Dogs (who represent the blind and near-sighted) electric vehicles are 40% more likely to be involved in an accident which causes injury to a pedestrian. This has led to both the European Union and America to take action and begin to enforce strict regulations on how manufacturers go forward making these vehicles. 
  According to CNN, the UK government will demand that all new electric vehicles sold must produce a sound while driving below 12 miles per hour or reversing. Similar to their European counterparts, the United States’ National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will require that the vehicle emit a noise under 18.6 miles per hour. While electric vehicles continue to make our world a cleaner place to live, we need to  be aware of the smaller issues that arise as we continue to advance our means of transportation. TRIVIA
What is generally considered to be the first “pony” car?
 Read to the end to find out the answer. Around the Industry: New Land Rover Defender, Good Things Come in Threes
One of the most popular models of the Land Rover brand, the Defender, was discontinued years ago. Luckily for Defender fans, it has just been announced that the model will be making a comeback in 2020 and the next generation of this vehicle will be introduced at the Frankfurt Auto Show. If you are already excited, prepare yourself because the new version of the Defender will come in THREE different sizes, the 90, 110, and 130.
 According to Automotive News, the Defender 90 will be a three-door vehicle that has a five and six seat version, the Defender 110 will be a five-door vehicle with five, six, and seven seat versions, while the Defender 130 will be five-door vehicle with eight seats. Each of these all terrain vehicles will also be available in 4 accessory packs (Country, Adventure, Urban, and Explorer) to accommodate the wide range of enthusiasts. We have seen a variety of old vehicle models making a comeback in recent years, the Ford Bronco, Volkswagen Microbus, and now the Land Rover Defender, showing us that sometimes the best strategy is just to stick with what you know works; the people have spoken and are getting what they want. 
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Ford Mustang- Introduced at the New York World’s Fair in 1964, the legacy of the Ford Mustang has engulfed American Culture for decades and is also known as the first “pony car”.