Challenges of the Auto Repair Business: Advertising


Advertising is perhaps the most confusing part of owning any business, not just an auto repair business. Advertising is to take your marketing materials and broadcast them in mediums where you anticipate your target audience. The internet has drastically changed advertising as most understand it. We used to think of advertising as the “yellow pages” and newspapers. However, as discussed in the last section, the yellow pages come in many different forms these days, many of which promise you the world and few which actually deliver.

 We recommend taking a broad approach to advertising to test what will draw in the most amount of new customers. When thinking about how to advertise for your business, below are some suggestions to consider. Start by establishing a yearly/monthly budget and create and execute a plan. Be sure to follow through and ask new customers how they found you. This will help you to track effective advertising.

We are firm believers that Google’s vast grasp as a search engine is what makes it the king of advertising. Most people start their searches on Google. If you’re not on Google maps and your website hasn’t been crawled by Google… it may seem like your business doesn't exist. While some people don't think of Google when advertising, the fact that they hold a grasp on nearly 80% of all searches in the US should be reason enough to start. Picture 10 people searching for “auto repair in my town”, nearly 8 of them are using Google. It’s much easier and fruitful to advertise to 8 out of 10 than 2 out of 10.

 Let's assume you have a $250 budget. A starter advertising plan may look something like this:


  • Google Business Page – Free


  • Facebook Business Page - Free


  • Adwords Campaign through your Google Business Administration Page – Budget Dependent - $100 per month recommended


  • Local Paper Advertising – Prices Vary – Assuming $100 per month     


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The Water Cooler

Amazon Employees: Building their Bank Account and their Gamer Score?

While Amazon is hailed as one of, if not the, biggest and most powerful business in the world, they are also know for their hectic work environment. With a sea of complaints from current and former warehouse employees about the average work day, Amazon believes they have come up with a solution to make their workers' days a little less stressful. 


Following in the steps of other big name companies, like Uber and Apple, Amazon is in the process of implementing strategies to challenge employees to boost efficiency in a fun way. By using video games to incentivise productivity, employees will be able to "build characters" and increase their game score. At the end of the day, employees with the highest scores will be awarded "swag bucks", redeemable for company branded gear. As we enter a time where companies are ditching suits and ties and busting down cubicles, will video games be the next way to maximize worker potential? 



What American car has the most horsepower?

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Around the Industry: Tesla Tax Credit a Blessing in Disguise for Car Buyers?


With Tesla's domination over the realm of electric vehicles and a saturation of the EV market, the government's willingness to offer a $7,500 tax credit on these vehicles will soon come to an end. In the next two years, this tax break will be cut in half and eventually cease to exist. On the surface it may seem like a deterrent for buyers but with Tesla's promise of reducing the prices of all of their vehicles by $2,000, it may not deter many buyers.

 The initial price drop will entice new customers, and, as new competitors join the scene, the range of vehicle prices is sure to increase as well. In the end, electric vehicles have the added benefit of saving car users on fuel and maintenance. Individual consumers will have to decide whether to take advantage of the tax credit currently offered or wait to see the future pricing of electric vehicles.

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Trivia Answer

2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon (808 hp)- Known for their powerful muscle cars, Dodge has created the most powerful American car ever with the 2018 Challenger Demon.