Liability Isn't Something To Roll Dice With

These are some pretty trivial words, “reduce liability”. Whether or not we realize it, we avoid liability all day long. Whether you avoid the accident on your way to

Ignoring liability gives you speed -- recognizing it gives you foresight.

These are some pretty trivial words, “reduce liability”. Whether or not we realize it, we avoid liability all day long. Whether you avoid the accident on your way to work or you avoid a catastrophic failure by fixing a leaking lift… either way, you’re limiting your liability. You may never have thought of it in this light, but every customers vehicle you touch, is essentially a liability. An element of their life you took over and in doing so, you and your employees have assumed liability for their safety, through the foreseeable future.

Snail On Tire

In order to address these liabilities, you must first recognize them. There are several distinct levels of liability here. First, any damage the vehicle presently has. Second, anything that is wrong with the vehicle that the customer isn’t aware of. Third, problems the vehicle has that you are already aware of. Lastly, proper documentation should you need to test drive the vehicle.

Does the process at your shop work with you or against you here? Most of us don’t even think of these problems till it’s much too late. By that point, we are reacting and doing damage control, not running our business.

So how do you limit your liability with the 4 scenarios mentioned above? Let’s take a look at how to break them down. We welcome your comments, sharing with us, how you’ve adapted to limiting your liability in your shop.

First Level - Existing Damage 

This is easy, take a picture and put it on record that the vehicle was inspected with existing damage as you check it in.

Second Level - Unknown Problems 

“Hey, my AC doesn’t work, it wasn’t like that when I brought it in here!” Several years ago, this was a difficult problem to tackle, in today’s world or scanners, this is easy. Perform a complete vehicle scan with an Autel scanner and save the pdf… there your proof will likely relinquish your responsibility.

Third Level - Known Problems 

You’re thinking, the customer already knows this is a problem… how can I possibly be liable for this?! Well, is it documented? Did you accurately convey to the customer the level of severity? Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t. But advising a customer accurately of their potential for creating an unsafe scenario for themselves, their vehicle inhabitants, and those around them… IS OUR JOB. Failure to do so properly, has resulted in jail sentences in extreme cases.

Fourth Level - Documentation 

Ever been pulled over in a customers vehicle? Worse yet, ever been in an accident in a customers vehicle? Even in the event that neither of these have happened to you, how comfortable do you feel getting in a vehicle where you don’t know where the paperwork work is, if it even exists. Need we say more about this?

Play Chess, Not Checkers

Software is the tool that is supposed to help control this process, helping to ensure your business is meticulous in every part of the repair process. This helps you build both strong and organized business records so if a problem were ever to arise, your liability is diminished greatly.

CAR was designed with all of these elements and many more in mind. We didn’t just build a way to bill your customers, we built a system to help you run your business. With our mobile platform, everything from the initial vehicle inspection to making the customer aware of the state of their vehicle, is what helps you manage the day to day in a manner that reduces your liability exposure.


Using CAR's auto repair software is a natural transition to the digital age.

Our auto repair software is so easy to use, we explain CAR through tutorial videos that are almost all 2 minutes or less each. 

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