Challenges of the Auto Repair Business: Marketing Challenges


 We start this portion of this series with marketing, as this is usually a job within itself that medium sized firms must hire or outsource someone for. A smaller auto repair business might not be able to afford a marketing person and needs a plan in place to be noticed.

  The most effective definition of marketing is simply, “Marketing is the process of teaching consumers why they should choose your product or service over your competitors".The only way to teach consumers why they should choose your product is by having a good website, an active social media presence, a good process for your customers (ie; good auto repair software like CAR), and an advertising channel that brings it all home. Advertising is covered in our next edition. 

 Having a good web team is a lot like finding a good mechanic, hard to come by and the best usually comes from referrals. But all of them are relative to price, much like the rest of the world. However, you don’t need a crazy expensive website to draw people in. Your website needs the basics. A legible, clean and clear main page that should highlight what your auto business is about. Things like your phone number(s), address, services, and customer testimonials (if you have any) are a great start. Refer to this template for starters. Don’t be daunted by all the things there, cut out all the noise.

When you first start you need the basics! The basics all revolve around these questions:


  • Where am I located?


  • What is my phone number?


  • Do you want people to be able to email you from your website? (PS, it’s highly recommended that they can contact you. It’s a trust thing even though you won’t get many requests from there at first.)


  • What kind of vehicles do I want customers to know I work on or specialize in?


  • What services do I perform on those vehicles?


  • What are my hours of operation?


  • What social media profiles do I want to let people know I actively participate in? ( Personally, we only recommend starting with Facebook, Google Business and Yext.)


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The Water Cooler

Denver Uber Users Now Have the Ability to Buy Train and Bus Tickets

Uber has been under some serious heat over the past few years, especially from public transit in cities as they are taking a lot of their potential clients. The clear decline in public transportation usage has garnered the company a ton of criticism but they believe that they have come up with a happy medium to lessen the bad chatter.  

 Thanks to their partnership with Masabi, a mobile ticketing software Uber has given Denver Uber users the ability to purchase train and bus tickets along with a variety of passes for public transportation as well. These will be available in the "Transit Tickets" section of the app along with real time schedules of the bus and train as well. Pending the success of this relationship, anticipate this feature to become available on a larger scale in the months to come. 



How much did Ford's Model T (one of the first mass produced cars in history) cost factoring inflation?

 Read to the end to find out the answer. 

Around the Industry: Porsche's Most Popular Car to Become Electric


One of the most popular trends in the automotive industry is the transition from running on gasoline to being fully electric. Porsche the other day announced that will be taking their most popular model, the Macan, and transitioning it to be fully electric over the next few years. In a statement to CNN Porsche said that the production of the "fully electric" model would begin production "early in the next decade" in their plant in Leipzig, Germany. The company however failed to comment on if they would simultaneously continue to sell gasoline powered versions of the model. Porsche's parent company, Volkswagen, is just one of many companies that are making the big push towards the electric car market spending around $50 billion to get their piece of the pie. With their fellow competitors in their country, BMW and Mercedes, also going all in on electric vehicles as well it will be interesting to see how the automotive market reacts to this shift in focus.  

Trivia Answer

$22,000- One of the first vehicle's ever mass produced in an assembly line in the world was Ford's Model-T. The car cost about $850 which would be $22,000 today factoring inflation.