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October 2019 Newsletter

Electric Vehicle Revolution: How This Affects Your Shop
Now, we have talked about how electric vehicles are affecting the big companies and the government let’s tie it all together with how this all boils down to affect your shop. New vehicles require new tools and more training, this is not a secret. What you may not be aware of however is the magnitude of the changes these electric vehicles pose for you and your shop. As I mentioned previously both the corporations and countries around the globe all plan on going electric and it will be up to you to make sure you are prepared.
As we have discussed the past few articles it is crucial, as a business owner, to do your due diligence and stay on top of the major changes in the automotive industry. In order to continue to grow your business you must make sure that you are staying up to date on these new changes and new wrinkles that these electric vehicles bring to your shop’s garage door. Read more to learn about all of the things these new vehicles require you and your employees to adapt to. 
Find Out MoreMeet CAR Reps @ SEMA/AAPEX 2019!
The CAR Team Members will be at SEMA and AAPEX Shows in Las Vegas November 5-7. If you are going to be there would like to talk about how to build trust with your customers, feel free to reply to this email or contact us so we can schedule you for a meeting!The Water Cooler
Man Transforms His E30 Into an Environmentally Green Burnout MachineIf there is two things that we love here at Complete Auto Reports it’s vehicles and innovation. This 1992 BMW 325i Cabrio owner, Jon Volk swapped out the vehicles original power train for a modern Tesla one; transforming it into an awesome new toy with all of the same standard touches that made the E30 so fun. If you’re someone who is into custom cars this video’s definitely a must watch!TRIVIA
Where does the name of the industry giant “Cadillac” come from?
 Read to the end to find out the answer. Around the Industry: Tesla’s “Smart Summon” Feature Off to a Shaky Start.
Something that is not entirely shocking to read is that Tesla’s new feature has come with a few hiccups. The car brand’s “Smart Summon” feature is supposed to function where you press a button on your phone and the car will drive itself to your location. 
 The issue that people are facing is that the car will eventually get to you however, it isn’t guaranteed to get to you unscathed. People have been flooding social media with pictures and videos of the failed attempts of their summoned cars getting from Point A to Point B. Between smashing into surrounding obstacles to colliding with other vehicles it is clear that this is a work in progress. 
Even though the driver is not in the vehicle it is stated in a warning right in the “Smart Summon” software notes that you are still responsible in the case of their being an accident involving your vehicle while it is in this autopilot mode. I barely trust someone else driving my car let alone my car driving itself, what do you think?
 Trivia Answer
Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac- The automotive giant gets its name from the French explorer who came to America and founded Detroit in the 17th Century!