On the 11th day of CARMAS...

The best auto repair software gave to me… a platform that naturally complements the flow of smart phones, allowing a simple transition into our process.


Christmas 11

When introducing CAR to auto service facilities our #1 compliment is, “Oh my, how is this so easy?!” Remember your first smartphone? The first day was a little awkward, but by day 2 you swore you could conquer the world. One week later and you were the talk of the town with your zippy text responses. A month later and you couldn’t be stopped: Google Maps, FaceTime and Picture messages were as second nature as brushing your teeth!

That’s exactly how easy CAR is. Without ever having touched our platform, you can quickly figure out how to “Add a customer” or “Add a vehicle”. It’s not rocket science, CAR’s visual flow with color coding helps you denote if actions are necessary or unnecessary at a glance.

Most of our instructional videos are under 45 seconds. In fact, our longest one is under 5 minutes and that one teaches you how to fill out an invoice entirely!


On the 25th we will be giving away a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8" 32 GB Wifi Tablet (Silver) with a free 3 month CAR Business subscription and a free business consultation for your auto repair business! Sign up for our newsletter!

Paperless mentality will help you manage your business, not have your business manage you.

Contact us to schedule a demo today and we will walk you through the entire process in 30 minutes.


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