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The best auto repair software gave to me… a process that builds trust with my customers. If you own or run a service facility, you know that without trust you don’t have much


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know that without trust you don’t have much. You also know how hard it is to build that trust between a customer. Read about how of process not only builds trust, it revolves around it. When we designed CAR, we knew that trust starts with a handshake and ends with an invoice. So we got to work on how to enhance the trust through the invoice. Giving the customer access to their records and being a part of the process, shows your willingness to perform your job in a transparent manner. Transparency is the staple in trust building.


The saying, “Trust, but verify.”, has never been more relevant than in today’s world. Our process enables you to show the customer the issues you are encountering and they can verify it through the CAR portal. We have experienced that 50% of customers who are newly exposed to the CAR process at a service facility, directly comment on being able to verify the work the car needs and the work that is being performed.  Showcasing that people are paying attention and will reward you for your effort with repeat business and referrals.

On the 25th we will be giving away a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8" 32 GB Wifi Tablet (Silver) with a free 3 month CAR Business subscription and a free business consultation for your auto repair business! Sign up for our newsletter!

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