On the 5th day of CARMAS...

The best auto repair software gave to me… A process that helps increase profit.  Easy, Fast, & Transparent = Higher Revenue Per Ticket.


Christmas 5

  1. Day 1 we told you how easy our platform is to use
  2. Day 2 we outline how our process saves crucial time
  3. Day 3 we discuss how to limit your liability, which doesn’t increase revenue, but it does help keep expenses down.  A penny saved is a penny earned right?!
  4. Day 4 we showed you how to build trust through CAR


This winning combination of processes only does one thing… raise revenue.  Ever read about GE and how they invested the LEAN process through their Six Sigma mentality?? No, here go ahead.  We bring the principles of what turned a dinosaur into the $33 billion dollar juggernaut it is today, to your door.  GE realized that they could not waste any effort in their entire process.  So they spent time finding the inefficiencies and slowly eliminating them.  That mindset is what brings you CAR, The Future of Vehicle Management!

We were developed in a service facility that was tired of paying for software that made us work instead of software that worked for us.  Our entire process revolves around solving small inefficiencies that lead to big changes.

On the 25th we will be giving away a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8" 32 GB Wifi Tablet (Silver) with a free 3 month CAR Business subscription and a free business consultation for your auto repair business! Sign up for our newsletter!

Learn how to increase your profit with our proven process.

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