On the 6th day of CARMAS...

The best auto repair software gave to me… an efficient process that was developed to help me stand out, not be a part of the pack.


Christmas 6 Efficiency at CAR means that each step in the auto repair process should be designed to save you minutes per vehicle and customer going forward. Through our mobile platform, any employee granted access will be able to login to the platform and access vehicle records.

So what! Where’s the value in that? Right? 

Let’s use the example that saves the MOST time for each of our auto repair facilities. Customer A is a frequent customer of ABC Auto Repair. Every time Customer A comes in, you have your technician change oil, rotate tires, check filters, & do a visual inspection. Let’s outline that in time.




Here’s the process for most facilities

  1. Service Adviser/Manager/Owner advises technician verbally and/or prints a worksheet: 3+ minutes
  2. Oil Change: 15 minutes
  3. Rotate Tires/Verify Tire Pressure: 12+ minutes (Vehicle Dependent)
  4. Check Filters: 12++ minutes (Vehicle Dependent, 12 minutes assume Japanese vehicles mostly. We're being very generous with 12 minutes here.)
  5. Visual Inspection: 8 minutes
  6. Total: 50+ minutes


Here’s the process for a CAR facility

  1. Service Adviser/Manager/Owner advises technician verbally: 2.5+ minutes**
  2. Login to CAR, look up previous service history from smart phone: 3 minutes
  3. Oil Change: 14 minutes
  4. Rotate Tires/Verify Tire Pressure: 12+ minutes (Vehicle Dependent)
  5. Check Filters: 0 minutes
  6. Visual Inspection: 8 minutes
  7. Total: 39.5+ minutes

How did he save at least 10 minutes by logging into CAR? Providing easy, fast and portable access through our auto repair software… he was able to verify previous oil used as well as information that indicated the air and cabin filters were changed at the last service. Which tells the technician that he need not waste time opening the air filter chamber or cabin filter chamber unless the customer has specific concerns that warrant that type of work.

This isn’t a hypothesis, this is tested in real world environments where CAR is the platform service facilities are using to manage their business. Our customers save 15 minutes per vehicle on average, on a consistent basis.


** We are working on an initiative that will eliminate 2 more minutes of this process by allowing you to assign tickets to your technicians.

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When we tell you that we will transform your business, we mean it.

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