On the 8th day of CARMAS...

The best auto repair software gave to me… a marketing voice with my customers, without breaking the bank wide open.


Christmas 8

CAR allows seamless integration with MailChimp. This enables you to send emails to your customers detailing promotions, discounts, specials, and holiday greetings. In today’s world, staying in touch with your customers is almost as important as the quality of your service or product. It’s a minefield out there for the auto repair service facility. Everywhere you turn, someone is taking your data, your money and then promising you results without even knowing your business and how you interact with your customers.


Maybe you only want to send a holiday email to your customer and you don’t want to a company $200+ a month plus setup fees to do that. Welcome to CAR, our platform enable you to import all of your data to MailChimp, for only $5! No gimmicks, $5 gives you access to email 2,000 people 12,000 emails a month… if you so choose.

MailChimp is an easy and intuitive way to reach out to your customers. We will be making tutorials and templates for you to access in the near future. We know you’re not used to someone giving you access to great tools without feeling like your wallet was ransacked. All we can say is, welcome to CAR. We’re just getting started.


On the 25th we will be giving away a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8" 32 GB Wifi Tablet (Silver) with a free 3 month CAR Business subscription and a free business consultation for your auto repair business! Sign up for our newsletter!

Paperless mentality will help you manage your business, not have your business manage you.

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