Resources For The Auto Repair Shop & Technician

We’re going to list out some practical things that every shop should do every day when dealing with vehicles that are more “iDrive” than “Drive”.This is often the most


This is often the most overlooked aspect of repair and can be the one that makes you look best to your customer.  Check if their vehicle has any open safety related recalls, it’s fast, free, and can make you look like a hero.  Some customers might even want you to take care of it by making the appointment with them at the dealer and they will pay you for your time… sound crazy?  It’s not.  In today’s world, time is the most crucial element, and to save it people will pay to resolve their problems for them.

The screen you would see if no safety recalls are present.


This one is tricky, because it’s never free. TSB’s are Technical Service Bulletins that are published from the manufacturer about specific problems a vehicle may be having.  This is commonly done on problems that are found the most often in a vehicle class, or for stubborn problems, there’s no exact science that manufacturers share for qualifying a TSB to be written.

A LOT of good information can be found in TSB’s, but getting access to them isn’t free.  You either have to subscribe to the manufacturer’s Technical Information Service or you have to subscribe to a third party service that is allowed to divulge such information.  The most accurate data ALWAYS comes direct from the manufacturer, but many auto repair facilities will use a third party service to have access to many manufacturers at once.

OEM Technical Service Websites – These links are all accurate as of 02/2018

Other invaluable resources, neither of which are free for an auto repair facility: