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September 2019 Newsletter

Electric Vehicle Revolution: Government
With the importance of carbon emission reduction in the spotlight, you are sure to have come across several news stories or articles on the topic within the last five years. But, what does that actually mean for the US and the future of transportation and vehicles? According to the EPA, in 2016, the biggest culprit of CO2 emissions was transportation, accounting for over 28% of 2016 greenhouse emissions. Governments around the world are implementing laws and increasing incentives to encourage people to purchase more environmentally friendly vehicles. With advancements in technology and an increase in popularity, people now have access to electric vehicles with longer battery life and convenient public charging stations. If we follow the lead of other countries who have forward-thinking rules and policies, such as Norway and Netherlands, it is clear where this road will take us.
 Having a mix of pressure from both government entities and other auto industry competitors, it is only a matter of time before it culminates to a point where you are going to see a full transition into the electric market. Read more to learn about the steps nations are taking to not only prepare themselves for that future but trying to encourage vehicle owners to do the same as well. 
Find Out MoreThe Water Cooler
New Drone Built to Do Your Outdoor Cleaning for YouOne of the most obnoxious things during the changing of  seasons is the build up of grime and dirt that you begin to accumulate on the side of your house or place of work. On top of the unappealing sight of a dirty building it is also a nightmare to clean, especially at the higher parts of the building that are not only hard to reach but extremely dangerous to get to as well. With all of the technology that is at our disposal today it was only a matter of time before this issue was resolved, and that is exactly what Lucid did with their cleaning drones. 
These small little drones have the ability to take a job that would usually take hours and reduce the time required substantially. All that is needed at one of these jobs is a drone operator, a drone, and a hose so you can dispense the cleaning solution. This allows for a thorough cleaning without the dangers of climbing the side of your house on a sketchy ladder and reduces liability for yourself as well if you are a cleaning business or hiring one. Small adjustments like this are helping improve our society in a big way. Is a service like this something you could see yourself using for your shop or your house in the near future?  TRIVIA
What is the most expensive car in the world?
 Read to the end to find out the answer. Around the Industry: Porsche Offers Apple their Long Awaited “In” Into the Auto Industry
If you have been paying attention to the technological field than you would know that Apple has been itching to sink it’s teeth, and eventually it’s resources into the auto industry. Between providing sound for vehicles to trying to master self-driving cars they have been knocking at the gate but haven’t had the opportunity to get in. However, they may have just received their golden ticket via Porsche; and are going to be a key new feature in the car brand’s first mass produced electric car, the Taycan, when it hits roads in 2020.  
This new innovative collaboration between the two mega brands gives customers access to their Apple Music account without having to actually even have their phone in the vehicle! Granted, as well know with anything that sounds amazing on the surface, it will have it’s fair share of “hidden surprises”. Though Apple Music will be built in, you are still going to need a strong internet signal to stream your music which means you need in-car internet which can get pricey. On top of this you still are going to need to have an Apple ID and an Apple Music account (priced currently at $10 a month). Big Tech has began to integrate itself with the auto industry in a natural transition to make both industries bigger and better and increase efficiency in our everyday lives. Today: Apple Music, Tomorrow: Endless Possibilities. What’s New With CAR This Month?
As an up and coming business, we are always trying to build up from the month before. September brings for our subscribers a few notable changes:
 Status Enhancements:
 On The Lot – Added a triple filter. Checked shows all “On The Lot”, Dash shows all open tickets that are not “On The Lot”.
 Waiting For Parts – Also a triple filter, we think the name is rather obvious in it’s function.
 Accountant Verified – Also a triple filter. This status was a request from a subscriber who has a bookkeeper verify each and every Service Request. They wanted their bookkeeper/accountant to be able to mark off which Service Requests had been completely verified. This feature is available, but it is a special request module that is not included in our standard pricing.
 Internal Notes:Send notes to your team members, complete with notification reminders. Assign it to the appropriate team members and have everyone on the same page.
 Service Request Notes: In addition to “Internal Notes”, we now have a similar feature that will allow you to write notes for any Service Request. The notes will also function as reminders and can be assigned to anyone on your team.
 On top of this we have also unveiled our Customer V2 mobile app (Available on the App Store & Google Play Store) a newer, faster version of our original mobile app that has a sleeker, more refined look. Besides these things we are also working on a partnership with a highly sought after vendor (that is all of the information we can offer at this time). Check out some of our other newest updates you may have missed from over the summer to track our upward trend. Trivia Answer
Bugatti La Voiture Noire- $12.5 Million – The Bugatti La Voiture Noire has surpassed the Rolls Royce Sweptail as the most expensive car in the world coming in at a whopping $12.5 million.