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State of ADAS: Dangerous

Last month I had an interesting ADAS experience while calibrating a 2018 Toyota Prius. I was attempting to calibrate the cruise control module, after it had been replaced from a front end collision. Before we even start, we’re going to take a frame of reference of some things. The vehicle belongs to an existing customer, the vehicle was repaired at a body shop that we regularly deal with, and this isn’t our first ADAS calibration.

Toyota OEM Service & Repair Information
Toyota Techstream Software
Autel Calibration System
Valid Autel Subscription
CAR – Complete Auto ReportsProblem:
While performing this calibration, we actually had the vehicle fail calibration according to the Techstream software. However, the vehicle saved the calibration and acted as if it had passed. So, a vehicle that actually failed it’s calibration, acted like a vehicle that had passed.Discovery:WE NOW HAVE A READING! GREAT! Ready for the bad news?WE NOW HAVE A READING! GREAT! Ready for the bad news?
The adjustment on the OE Cruise Control Module needed to be adjusted to the point of no return. I had to pull the adjustment screw to the absolute maximum just to meet the absolute maximum threshold of 0.6 allowed. Which begs the question… what happens when a few bumps are hit and the sensor inevitably shifts?
So as if that wasn’t disturbing enough to learn, here’s the real problem. What do I do with this information? Since we document everything we do, we took that documentation and informed our customer. Who is extremely appreciative of the level of care we provide to them. I communicated my findings to the team at Techstream, after being told by their customer support rep that the standard protocol was to email them and “someone would get back to you”.I contacted over 5 employees of Toyota corporate here on LinkedIn. One of them actually got back to me, said he would help me find the right department to report it to. 3 weeks later… no reply.
We have uncovered a massive amount of contradictions and bad practices with a safety flaw that likely affects all 2016-2018 Toyota Prius’s with Cruise Control Modules. What’s it going to take for the industry to wake up to the problems that are happening in real time and start finding ways to address them? We’re talking about safety in transportation in the age where liability is the one variable everyone talks about… but few do anything about.
Without best practices in place and a reporting system for errors that are encountered, we are going to keep lawyers busy as this mess sorts itself out.