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Update Your Auto Repair Business | Step Three: Billing Efficiencies

One of the more tedious and often overlooked parts in the industry is the billing process. From generating customer invoices to tracking and paying vendors, having an unorganized system in place could be a costly mistake. A well established billing system with built in safeguards will keep your business running efficiently, while ensuring your business’ financial integrity. From paper and pencil billing to software programs, businesses have a variety of solutions with a wide range of price tags.While the paper and pencil method are no longer at the apex of efficient billing, there are still some easy implementations to assure that your business runs smoothly and effectively. At a minimum, purchasing filing cabinet dividers and clearly labeling them, will help you track paid and unpaid customer invoices, as well as, organize vendor invoices. The downside to paper and pencil is the inability to quickly research past invoices, keep detailed service records, and manage bulky storage.Scanners help alleviate some of the drawbacks mentioned above, as they allow for easy storage of files without the bulk of filing cabinets. Scanning documents and filing them systematically will allow you to quickly retrieve past service records but will still limit the efficiency with which your business operates. When used in conjunction with an accounting software, efficiency increases and errors decrease. QuickBooks ($199.95), Norton Small Business ($99.99), and Quicken Home & Business ($89.99) are just a few of the options available, allowing you keep track of daily transactions, manage bills and accounts payable, and reconcile accounts.At the other end of the spectrum, exist several shop management software programs. While not all are created equally, Complete Auto Reports (CAR) covers the gamut of billing needs, allowing you to send invoices directly to customers, track payments in arrears, and schedule automatic reminders for payment. CAR enables you to keep detailed invoices with parts, labor, and suggested future repairs, ensuring you employ consistent billing practices. Ordering parts through PartsTech helps you verify the accuracy of invoices sent by vendors. With shop management software, such as CAR, you will have an efficient and streamlined billing system, allowing you more time to devote to other areas of your business. Adjustments like these ensure that you are maximizing your business’ potential and increasing profits. To learn more, explore the rest of our site and find out how Complete Auto Reports can help your business run smarter, smoother, and more efficiently.Using CAR’s auto repair software is a natural transition to the digital age.
Our auto repair software is so easy to use, we explain CAR through tutorial videos that are almost all 2 minutes or less each. 
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