Why Tracking Vehicle Repair History Matters

A minute can literally save you hundreds to thousands of dollars. Stop me if any of these don’t sound familiar. I need my brakes done again?! Weren’t they done 8 months ago?

Ignoring your vehicle will cost you thousands of dollars in the long term…

failure to maintain accurate records will do the same.

A minute can literally save you hundreds to thousands of dollars. 

Stop me if any of these don’t sound familiar:

  • I need my brakes done again?! Weren’t they done 8 months ago?
  • My check engine light is on again! Didn’t I just get this fixed?!
  • I always maintained my car! I changed the oil regularly and followed all the maintenance schedules!
  • I know I have a tire warranty!
  • My oil change sticker fell off, I think I got my oil changed 2 months ago. Meanwhile 8 months later…
  • I just got into an accident and spent a fortune on my car in the last year. However, I don’t have the receipts to prove to my insurance company.
  • I know I got the work done here! I never go anywhere else!
  • Wait I have my valid insurance and registration somewhere around here!
  • Wait I have my extended warranty information somewhere around here!
  • What's my mechanic's phone number again?

Almost all those statements are usually followed by a response that asks the most important question that most of us can’t answer… “Can you provide me with your receipt please?”. Most people get their vehicle repaired and stuff their receipt in their glove box, car door, jacket or pant pocket, pocketbook, backpack… etc. We’re all notorious for it and we only realize our mistake when it starts to cost us money. Then when it’s about to cost us money, and it’s never less than $100, we frantically spend hours tearing through our cars and homes looking for them. We might even call places we think we got the car fixed, asking them if they have records.


Here are some facts that will encourage you to keep your auto repair receipts organized:

Did you know that a vehicle that has accurate service history can fetch at least 10% more in a private sale. In the case of collector cars, accurate history can pull the value as much as 20%. Sound far-fetched? I’ll use the car I am most familiar with. A 1988 BMW M3 with 120,000 miles in B/B+ condition can fetch $35,500 easily in today's market, maybe even more. If you have all the maintenance records from the time you owned that vehicle and can prove you kept up with the maintenance, you can easily ask $42,000 and hold your line till you get it or close to it. Because you were cautious in ownership, the next owner will appreciate that, and it will remove a lot of mystery that normally surrounds vehicle sales. Those records have value... because they are proof.


The short version, using CAR's auto repair software, you can keep track of your auto repair history for all your vehicles, for FREE up to 3 vehicles. Our auto repair software is not just for businesses, it was made to give auto repair businesses a process to make their customers central to their business and give their customers complete control of the recommended repair. But even without a participating CAR service facility... taking 1 minute of your time, will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over the life of vehicle ownership.


Here’s all you need:

  • Download our App (iOS | Android) OR Go to the consumer section of CAR's website and create an account. Learn how to create a CAR account here.
  • Add Your Vehicle to your CAR profile – it’s super easy! but here's a instructional video just in case.
  • Add an auto repair facility you frequent that doesn’t use CAR. Learn how with our super easy video.
  • Create a service request/appointment to that facility through CAR. Another easy video here.
  • Attach your receipt when leaving that facility. Guess how easy it is, watch here.
  • Setup and manage the information you may need access most at the Quick Information section.  Simple video here.

You can set all of this up in less than 15 minutes, including going to your actual vehicle and getting the accurate information and then it takes less than 1 minute to save your receipt each time.  

Our easy app also allows you to put your insurance and registration into the vehicle profile. That way as long as you have your phone, and your state allows any form of proof, you always have your insurance and registration on you! Not only do you always have it on you, we remind you when it's time to renew your insurance and registration in case you forget!

Using CAR's auto repair software is a natural transition to the digital age.

Our auto repair software is so easy to use, we explain CAR through tutorial videos that are almost all 2 minutes or less each. 

Contact us for a demo and find out why we are the "Process that leads to Profits!"