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CAR Business Advantage

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Business Advantage


User friendly, visually appealing, structured process… built from scratch.  Tired of clicking through 100 sections to make a change? Tired of training employees for months on how to navigate software that’s older than your shop?  So were we.  So we built CAR from our experiences to tackle our frustrations.


"Easy to use and customers love the new experience...

I love the fact I can add photos to quotes. Once customers see what’s going on with their vehicles, service sells itself.

– Carlos Nobe, Owner, Carlos Auto Repair

Save Time

Accurate information is readily available to all employees.

Reduce Liability

Inform customers of problems & allow them to accept services.

Improve Reputation

Follow the CAR process to build trust with customers.

Stay Connected

Check on all works in progress at your shop from any device.

Customer History

Review customer history prior to periodic maintanence so you can pre-order parts before your customer arrives

Problem Baselines

Allow your technicians to access account history to establish a baseline for a stubborn problem.

Calendar Reminders

Set reminders for payments with fleet accounts. Never forget to collect, with email and app notifications.

Overdue Payments

Track all accounts behind on their payments and know how much is owed, when the last payment was and call them… all from the click of a link.

Simple Yet Effective: Our Advantages

Say Goodbye To This

Direct Email Marketing

Integrate with Mailchimp to send engaging emails, connect your shop, advertise, and build your brand. You can include your API key and Customer List ID.

Easy Check-In

Owner’s can easily search their shop’s database for a specific customer or vehicle by inputting a variety of basic search parameters.

Say Hello To This

CAR Profiles

CAR works by creating a profile for your customers and allowing you to store pertinent vehicle information in that profile to review and edit at later dates.

Time Management

Each and every feature available in our platform is designed to save your time, which inevitably will result in money saved and increased revenue.