Municipal Fleet Management

CAR's Municipal Fleet platform enables your public fleet to move into the 21st century with ease.  Our proprietary process is developed around safe and consistent results for repairs and maintenance.
With this process comes a team of dedicated trainers that ensure your municipality adapts as quickly as possible, providing you immediate ROI within the first 30 days of us.

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As vehicle maintenance and service becomes more complex and costly, there is significant importance in keeping accurate records.  These records help make educated decisions based on safety and overall cost of maintenance vs replacement.


Our precision guided process can handle the needs of servicing vehicle and equipment for municipal fleets like no other offering in the marketplace.  We evaluate each municipality on an individual basis and prepare a customized plan for your workflow based on our service process.


We have tested our model on New Jersey Municipalities and Service centers alike.  Through this experience, we have crafted a service process for municipal fleets that helps address the challenges of tomorrow's cost, accountability and liability.
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Digital Service Records

Save the paper, for paper airplanes.  Allow your team to access critical information with speed and ease. Go completely paperless with CAR's service workflow and never go back.

Mobility Is Standard

With the power of CAR at your fingertips, tracking the daily and weekly tasks is never a challenge.  CAR is accessible from any internet enabled device, giving you the freedom to work on the go.

Online Parts Ordering

CAR allows you to buy from your preferred vendors, without every picking up the phone.  Select the necessary parts, prepare estimates and even auto-order on approval.

Digital Vehicle Inspections

CAR enables daily safety inspections or service oriented Vehicle/Equipment Inspection Reports.  Reinforcing the model that inspection is the greatest tool in prevention.

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