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The Digital Glovebox

Guide To Digital Glovebox

Check Our Guide To Digital Glovebox


Get CAR in the Apple App Store!

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Don’t have a device on hand? Don’t worry, we have a web app as well Create A Consumer Account.

Request Appointments

Save your “go to” service facility in your profile and schedule appointments with CAR at that facility! Even if they don’t use CAR, it goes right to their email. There they can decide how to proceed.

Access Preferred Providers

Save all of your critical service provider information in case it’s ever needed.  Save and access insurance company, warranty, towing and auto repair providers with one click! 

Save Your Records

Didn’t I just do brakes my last time here…. checks receipt… was actually two years ago!  Having accurate records handy allows us all to make better decisions.

CAR Customer App

Track your Recent Automotive Services for your vehicles from any Service Facility.
Shops that utilize the CAR software will automatically update your vehicle repair history in your CAR Customer Account. View all the videos, photos, and documents they post at any time you like, whenever you like.
If you need vehicle information such as your insurance card, registration, vin number, tire size, etc. It is a simple step of opening your CAR account anywhere with internet access. You can log in via the website as well.